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The wild wild west

Post Date: June 28th, 2012

Where am I going? I don't know.

When will I get there? I don't know.

All I know is I am on my way . . . . . The journey continues . . . .  This time pioneering on the new frontier in Willston North Dakota. The oil industry is booming here with 2000 new wells being drilled each year and an estimated 20 million in revenues for each well. The market is lacking homes for all the workers migrating into his area so my best friend June and I are going to stake our claim!  We will be building and selling 65  homes in the Bakken Basin, living in trailers until we are able to complete  our  first home  that we can move into. We have been up here for two months now and have made alot of progress but the going is slow. I am sure when the first pioneers made their trek across the country in their covered wagons, they also had a lot of challenges! The wind blows most of the time between 20-50 miles an hour here and we are continually sinking in the mud. We have laid over $5000 worth of gravel around our construction/living camp site, but the rain and haill have washed  it away .The town is mostly populated with red neck men and it does not feel safe to  go out alone so we hold up in the trailer for ten days at a time and take turns going home.


Ahh . . .  but the good things . . . it is quiet at night and you can see forever. The sunsets are the most spectacular I have seen anywhere. There is time to think and to breathe and check out from the chaos of life.  We will be part of a much bigger plan to save the economy from going further into debt and bankruptcy. North Dakota is the second largest producer of oil and gas ion the world! Forbes has named Williston the 6th fastest growing town in the nation.              

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