Many homes do not sell because the energy does not feel comfortable in a house. Most people generally don't know what is it that makes them feel this discomfort, but infact, in most cases it is poor feng shui and stuck energy. I specialize in staging homes to sell either with your furnishings or with my inventory of furnishings.


All consultations and staging services are charged on a flat fee rate determined by the size of the property and complexity of the project. Fees begin at $200.00. Individual rates will be quoted before beginning a project.

 "I had a listing on the market for nearly two years, during a difficult time to market properties in Vail, when I was approached by Karen to stage this home in an effort to show this property in its best light and make it more inviting for prospective purchasers. The transformation was impressive. The property felt like a home that was comfortable to live in, not a vacant house that left the feelings of echoes and emptiness. After Karen's staging, the house sold within 5 months and the new buyer purchased the majority of the furniture that was used in staging the home. A win – win – win for all parties involved in this successful sale. I would highly recommend Karen's services if you are looking to market a furnished  or unfurnished property that you need to sell quickly." 

Asher Maslan, Forbes Sothesby's International Realty Vail, Colorado

 "Recently, Karen Petersen went through my home room by room and transformed it. Using the same furniture and accessories that I have had for years, she rearranged and moved the furniture and art pieces so that I felt I was walking into a completely different space – more welcoming, more functional and more visually pleasing than before. She is an absolute wizard at visualizing what will work, and making it happen. She has a gift for aesthetics and my home is much better for her talent and efforts. Thank you Karen!"

Teri Hollowell
San Francisco, California


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